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What Life Changes Do You Need To Make? 10 Soul-Searching Questions To Ask

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There is no magic bullet…. However, the first step that I advise often takes people by surprise: to be successful in your career change, start by changing everything else first. – Caroline Ceniza-Levine In a recent Forbes post. I wrote about how life changes are the surprising first step to successful career change. Most of [...]

How to Catch a Monkey in the Wild

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Monkeys love the seeds that are in the middle of gourds. So trappers will tie a gourd to a tree, and cut a thin sliver all the way to the middle. Monkeys have very long, thin fingers which allow them to slide their hands into the thin slice and grab the seeds. They don’t know [...]

Book Review: Hard Lessons by Jonathan Schorr

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I always like reading about industries unfamiliar to me firsthand because success and obstacles have common threads across industries, and looking from the outside in often gives a perspective that is tough to see when you're waist deep in immediate issues.  Jonathan Schorr's Hard Lessons is a play-by-play of Oakland's struggle to open charter schools [...]