Financial Freedom Is The Ultimate Leverage In An Offer Negotiation

When I blogged about how to gain the upper hand in an offer negotiation several of the strategies revolved around strengthening your ability to walk away from the negotiation altogether. Negotiating in good faith means that you sincerely want to work something out, so walking away should be a last … [Read more...]

How Do You Know Whether A Company Can Afford Your Desired Salary – Reader Question

When you are negotiating for your desired salary, it helps to know that you and your prospective employer are even in the same ballpark. In my recent Forbes post, I shared tips on how to avoid a lowball salary, and one of these is to stay away from companies whose salary expectations are … [Read more...]

When To Take That Not-So-Great Job – Life Reimagined For Work

In my latest job search advice piece for Life Reimagined For Work, I cover a question I get at almost every workshop I deliver -- how do you know when to accept a less-than-ideal job or press on for an uncertain but possibly better alternative? A few years ago, at the height of the recession, a … [Read more...]

How Do I Move From Candidate Shortlist To Job Offer – Video Blog

This week’s job search video blog comes from Jennifer who asks: How can I move from being a close second to the first choice candidate? … [Read more...]

Touchdown! See How This Candidate Landed His Job

I helped someone with their job search a couple of months ago and just found out he landed! Here is the email he sent me with lessons for you embedded throughout. Hope it's helpful to you! --------------------------- It feels great to finally have a job. I never thought I would have been out of … [Read more...]

How To Negotiate A Big Salary Shift

I got some happy job search news yesterday from a former client. She landed a bigger role in a new industry AND got a bigger salary to boot. If you're getting ready to negotiate a salary that's very different from your previous one, know that employers have a tough time seeing past your former … [Read more...]

Negotiation Skills Exchange

We mostly write about topics and offer our advice. I'm going to use the very direct route of sharing an email exchange from someone I recently coached. Hope you find something helpful to use in your search! Best, Connie .......... Dear Connie- My name is (let's say) Serena. I met you back … [Read more...]

Making Career Decisions With The Choice Matrix

You have two job offers.  Which do you choose?  You’re expecting a baby.  Do you stay at the job, scale back or quit altogether?  You’re unhappy in your current job.  Do you move laterally, find a new employer, or change careers?  You will make many career choices in your lifetime.  A matrix of your … [Read more...]

Negotiating A Full-Time Salary After A Part-Time Career

A corporate communications professional asks: I have been working for the past six years on a part-time consultant basis and want to get back into full-time.  How do I land that 6-figure job?  I have the experience for sure:  newspaper reporting, financial writing, sales, 5 years off to have … [Read more...]

Reader success story: multiple offers are possible

I recently got this happy email from a reader after posting If You're So Good, Why Hasn't Anyone Hired You.  The job market has been difficult even for great candidates, so hopefully this reader's success provides some motivation to get back out there if you're feeling discouraged: Hi … [Read more...]