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Job Interview Gone Bad? How To Handle The Hostile, Mean-Spirited, Difficult Job Interviewer

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A job interview is a person-to-person communication, and some people are difficult, so you will likely encounter a difficult job interviewer at some point. The difficult job interviewer pushes back on what you say, picks apart your claims, focuses on your weaknesses and mistakes, or tries to get you to talk trash about your past [...]

10 Tips For A Successful Skype Interview

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Being asked for a video or Skype interview instead of the live job interview is increasingly common. Employers like it because, unlike phone interviews, video or Skype interviews feel closer to live interviews with the ability to connect face-to-face and the employer’s ability to assess non-verbal clues. It’s good for the candidate, too, in that [...]

Tell Me About Yourself – Why Job Interviews Really Ask That Question And Four Ways To Answer

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Tell me about yourself. Walk me through your resume. Walk me through your career.   Many interviews will open with an invitation to tell your story, so you want to prepare to address that specific question. Don’t answer this question in the most literal sense! This isn’t a storytelling contest or a date. It’s a [...]

Callback Interview Preparation: How Late-Stage Job Interviews Differ From First Rounds

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In a previous post, I shared five strategies for preparing for a job interview. These techniques still apply if you get called back for additional interviews. However, the callback stage is different from the first round. If you don’t prepare for the nuances of callback interviews specifically, your interview performance will fall short. What you [...]

Job Interview Preparation Strategies: What To Do And What To Skip

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Congratulations, you have landed an interview with one of your dream employers! You have a few days to prepare, so how should you best spend this time? Review the company. Review the job description. Review your key selling points. Now you have a good foundation of information on which to build your interview. But a [...]

Mental Toughness For Job Seekers – Blog Talk Radio Interview With Peak Performance Expert Renita Kalhorn

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In this episode of the SixFigureStart Career Advice Radio Show, I interview peak performance expert Renita Kalhorn (coach to Navy SEAL candidates!) about mental toughness for job seekers. We talk about how job seekers can perform at their best in high-stakes, high-anxiety situations like job interviews: Check Out Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio [...]

Career Questions Answered On Weakness Interview Answers, Staying Focused, Being Overqualified, And Overcoming A Career Blemish

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In this episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching Radio Show, I answered questions on weakness interview answers, staying focused, being overqualified, and overcoming a career blemish: Check Out Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with SixFigureStart on BlogTalkRadio Interview Workshop attendee asks: What is the best way to handle what is your worst quality? [...]

Job Search Turnaround: A Real-Life Client Success Story

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An attendee at a recent workshop sent this update about her job search turnaround:  I wanted to thank you for sharing your insights on "Ace the Interview" webinar through Columbia's Center for Career Education a few weeks ago. I used your insights immediately after that webinar, during a phone interview with a market research consulting [...]