Want a Job? Resume, Social Media, and Certifications

Jenna Smith

In today’s job market, making your resume stand out from the rest of the crowd is getting more important than ever. As the effects of the recent economic recession are still being felt in many places, employers have fewer job openings and more people who are out of work or underemployed and looking to advance their careers.

Your resume can be an efficient marketing tool for yourself, but it needs to be done right for it to have a positive impact on your job search. The standard rules still apply: make sure your resume is well written, without any spelling mistakes and properly formatted, in a way that draws attention to your relevant job experience, plus your education and training.

Taking courses and training that are related to your job field will definitely increase the chances of being selected for an interview. Even if they may not be strictly required for the job that you’re applying, certifications can help set you apart from other candidates, especially if you have less than a few years of job experience in your field. Gaining certification doesn’t mean that you would need to spend years taking courses at a local college or vocational school.

There are online services like some at www.opensesame.com which offer a variety of courses on different topics, such as banking, business management, information technology, accounting and more. These courses are quite affordable and can be taken online. Another advantage is that most online certification programs are just a few hours long, so you won’t have to spend too much time to complete the program.

Using social media can also help you in your job search in ways nothing else can. Creating an account on LinkedIn can be very helpful, as this business social networking site allows you to list details about your job experience, as well as training and certification. You can network with other professionals in your industry and make connections that could help you land your desired job.

Using Facebook can also be useful for promoting yourself, as you can add your education and job experience details to your profile. You can then visit the Facebook pages of businesses in your area to see if they’re posting any job offerings and respond to them.

Finding a job may be a bit more difficult now, but it’s not impossible. By having a resume that stands out from the rest because of your certifications and networking with others on social media, you have the potential of finding a job faster than you would have ever thought possible.

About The Author: Jenna Smith is a freelance writer who normally writes on the topics of business and personal finance. Jenna enjoys reading the daily paper and finding ways for individuals and families to save money. You can read more personal finance writing by Jenna at paidtwice.com