How To Convert A Summer Internship Into A Full-Time Job – and

This post originally appears in my weekly column for and Now that we’re past the mid-point of summer, it’s time to start planning how to turn that summer placement into a full-time stay. (Parents of summer interns, talk to your kids about this now!) Even those who are … [Read more...]

How Important is Your GPA When Applying for an Internship? – Employment Crossing

I weigh in along with other career experts on the topic of GPA and internships: does GPA matter for internship seekers? How much? Here's what I say: The importance of GPA depends on the industry and role. For consulting, investment banking, and leadership rotational programs, GPA is very important, … [Read more...]

Grads: A lame job is better than no job

I am quoted in Laura Vanderkam's latest piece for Fortune on whether new graduates are better off taking a less-than-ideal job or holding out for something better: ...while you'll probably get a grace period in employers' eyes for a while post-graduation, "The reality is that any gap longer than … [Read more...]

Six career tips for job jugglers

I am quoted in The Daily News on tips for people juggling multiple freelance projects, part-time work and internships: Make Time for a Job Search Even if you need the income, don't take that fourth or fifth job if it will detract you from pursuing your career, advises Caroline Ceniza-Levine, … [Read more...]

SixFigureStart now at

SixFigureStart's On/Off Campus Recruiting blog debuted at this week.    Check it out and let us know what you think.  Also, let us know what your busiest month is as a student looking for a job!  I'm curious...We select our topics for Vault based on how the recruiting calendar inspires … [Read more...]