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turn your internship into a full-time jobThis post originally appears in my weekly column for and

Now that we’re past the mid-point of summer, it’s time to start planning how to turn that summer placement into a full-time stay. (Parents of summer interns, talk to your kids about this now!)

Even those who are interning just to experiment with the field should still act as if they want a full-time job. This way, if you do decide you like it there, you will have done your best to land an offer; if it turns out you don’t want to continue, you’ll be poised for a great reference elsewhere. [Read more…]

How Important is Your GPA When Applying for an Internship? – Employment Crossing

I weigh in along with other career experts on the topic of GPA and internships: does GPA matter for internship seekers? How much?

Here’s what I say: The importance of GPA depends on the industry and role. For consulting, investment banking, and leadership rotational programs, GPA is very important, if not the first filter in weeding out resumes. For other industries, it matters less if at all. For these industries, GPA is one proxy of achievement, but professional work experience and skills typically matter far more [Read more…]

Grads: A lame job is better than no job

I am quoted in Laura Vanderkam’s latest piece for Fortune on whether new graduates are better off taking a less-than-ideal job or holding out for something better:

…while you’ll probably get a grace period in employers’ eyes for a while post-graduation, “The reality is that any gap longer than six months has to be explained,” says Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a career coach and co-founder of SixFigureStart. “The question becomes why didn’t you take anything? It’s hard to justify.” Saying you were holding out for the perfect job isn’t particularly helpful because “anyone with experience knows there’s no such thing as the perfect thing.”

Read the full article in Laura Vanderkam’s latest for Fortune:  Grads: A lame job is better than no job


Six career tips for job jugglers

I am quoted in The Daily News on tips for people juggling multiple freelance projects, part-time work and internships:

Make Time for a Job Search

Even if you need the income, don’t take that fourth or fifth job if it will detract you from pursuing your career, advises Caroline Ceniza-Levine, career expert and founder of the career coaching firm SixFigureStart.

“Some people are tempted to work 70-hour weeks, thinking they’ll earn as much as they can, [and then] get around to their real career when their time frees up,” she says. “But it’s best not to do a job search in spurts. You should do it in a steady way.”

Read more tips in Larry Buhl’s article for The Daily News, originally posted in

SixFigureStart now at

SixFigureStart’s On/Off Campus Recruiting blog debuted at this week.    Check it out and let us know what you think.  Also, let us know what your busiest month is as a student looking for a job!  I’m curious…We select our topics for Vault based on how the recruiting calendar inspires us.  So our first column was about juggling midterms and on-campus recruiting as it is Oct.

One of the early comments was that the post was more suited to July.  JULY???  That’s a first for me.  Who is taking mid-terms in July, except summer school folks?  No personal issues with summer school but it is the exception not the rule.  And to be competitive for campus recruiting, you definitely want to be in an internship in July not in summer school. 

So what is the busiest month if not October?  Let us know.