Mark McKeon On Happiness v. Satisfaction

Always be happy, never be satisfied – Mark McKeon, author and speaker Are you happy? Do you make time to celebrate? Do you take care of yourself? Are you striving? If you were to update your bio or resume, do you have something new to add? Do you do your best work? You can be happy and still … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Too Leisurely About Your Leisure

Laura Vanderkam makes a thought-provoking and compelling claim to not be too leisurely about leisure in her new book, "What The Most Successful People Do On The Weekend."  A journalist and author, who writes frequently on the subject of time management, Vanderkam shares stories of how people who get … [Read more...]

Positive Psychology Can Change Everything!

Most people believe that if they are successful at their job and achieve all the goals set for them, that they will be happy. Positive Psychology believes it's the opposite. If you are happy to begin with, you will be more successful at anything you attempt. When I was the Head of Staffing … [Read more...]