Career Change? Four Mistakes To Avoid When You Tell Your Story To Employers And Recruiters

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If you’re attempting a career change -- from one industry to another, from one functional role to another, from a sabbatical or family leave to getting back to work – you will be telling employers, recruiters, and others in your network your STORY. You are often asked for a general story: Tell me about yourself. [...]

Changing Careers Is Different From Just Changing Jobs: 10 Marketing Tips For Career Changers

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I created a series of Tweets based on my latest book, Jump Ship: 10 Steps To Starting A New Career (2015, Forbes Media), and the finished list of Tweets serve as good reminders of how to navigate a career change. Here are 10 relating to how to effectively market yourself to prospective employers: Identifying your [...]

Lessons From A Type-A Career Changer: From Management Consulting To Journalism

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How do you leave a well-paying, stable job for a brand new career? Archith Seshadri did just that when he left a management consultant career to pursue journalism. He has since worked on-air, in print and digitally for CBS, ABC, FOX and currently CNN. I hear from many management consultants and other professionals in highly [...]

4 Ways To Use Social Media For Your Career Success

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In a Forbes Leadership post, I wrote about key digital trends from Sree Sreenivasan, Chief Digital Officer at The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, and the implications of digital tools and social media for your career success: Here are 4 more ways to use social media for your career success: What you post is a [...]

Get Picked For Leadership: Strategies To Get Noticed For The Next Big Promotion

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In my latest Forbes Leadership post I shared insights from 3 executives on how to get promoted into the executive ranks: cenizalevine/2014/10/11/how-leaders-pick-leaders-3-executives-reveal-how-promotions-are-decided/   The strategies seem so straight-forward – collaborate; stay front of mind; develop a differentiating “edge.” But how do you do that exactly? Here are specific steps to take: Use your [...]

The Future of Leadership Coaching – Forbes

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This post originally appears in my Work In Progress blog for I was excited and humbled to attend the April 30-May 2, 2014 NY gathering organized by the Institute of Coaching, a professional organization dedicated to research, education and support of executive and leadership coaching. The small, invite-only conference featured thought leaders from various [...]