Five Ways To Manage Fear When You Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone

I thought about writing about growth, since it’s spring, and growth is something that happens when you stretch outside your comfort zone. (I did write about growth for the 4/16 issue of the newsletter in case you missed that one!) But the flip side of the positive growth that comes when you stretch … [Read more...]

How An Unrelated Hobby Can Be A Powerful Sales And Marketing Tool

In the fall of 2010, just two years into our business, I took a comedy class, which became an unexpectedly powerful sales and marketing tool for our business. Comedy was unrelated to anything in our business plan (except for maybe helping support my writing and creativity). But, it turned out … [Read more...]

Ten Career And Self-Help Books For Your Holiday Gift List – Forbes

This post originally appears in my Work In Progress column for In my line of work as an executive coach and corporate trainer, I read a LOT of career and self-help books. Here are 10 of my favorites from this year: Forget A Mentor, Get A Sponsor: The New Way To Fast-Track Your … [Read more...]

Moms Who Have Stepped Out Of Their Comfort Zone – AllParenting

I'm excited to be featured in a work/life piece in about moms who have stepped out of their comfort zone: Caroline Ceniza Levine Did stand-up comedy … [Read more...]

You Already Know The Right People To Land Your Dream Job: How To Get In Front Of The Decision-Makers

This post originally appears in my Work In Progress blog for It’s a common frustration of job seekers everywhere – you are the right person for the job if only you could get the attention of the person actually hiring. Submitting a resume to the company website is just a black hole. … [Read more...]

Guest Post on Is Including A Stereotype Inclusive Enough

I am excited to have contributed a guest post to The New America series on When I took an intro to comedy class, my very experienced comedy teacher had a strict rule: you can make fun of your own race, gender, or ethnicity but nobody else’s. When a Korean classmate made fun of her … [Read more...]

How Do You Know That God Isn’t A Man?

This post also appears in my Work In Progress blog for No, I haven’t decided to turn my post into a forum on religion. The above question is actually the set-up to a joke. I’m part of a comedy group, and one of my cast mates, Sooyah Jun, had a funny idea but needed to turn the idea … [Read more...]

With 2 Kids, Husband and Growing Business, Why Bother With Comedy

For an amateur comic who is also juggling a growing business, a husband, and 2 kids, I spend a surprising amount of time on comedy.  I started with comedy in a writing class I took as a reprieve from writing my 2nd book coming out this summer.  As it turned out, comedy has a lot to do with … [Read more...]

Inspiration Friday: Japanese Proverb on Laughing

Time spent laughing is time spent with the Gods. - Japanese proverb Do you laugh loud and often?  Maybe I just have too much comedy on the brain because I have a show tomorrow night, but I'm a big fan of laughter. When you're upbeat, people want to be around you.  For jobseekers, this means … [Read more...]

Five Things Comedy Class Teaches You About Job Search

For six weeks this fall, I’ve been studying writing of a different kind – Karen Bergreen’s beginner comedy class at the Manhattan Comedy School.  I always tell my job-seeking clients and column readers to be well-rounded and unique and to keep learning and stretching.  So learning about things … [Read more...]