4 Surprising Ways HR Can Help You – CBS Moneywatch

I am quoted in Amy Levin-Epstein's career advice piece for CBS Moneywatch on 4 surprising ways HR can help you: Help care for your loved ones. If you're spending time trying to find affordable child-care or elder care, that takes you away from your responsibilities at work, notes Caroline … [Read more...]

CBS Moneywatch Career Coaching Advice For Getting Noticed At Work

In this career advice piece from Amy Levin-Epstein for CBS Moneywatch, several career coaches, including myself, share tips on how to get the proper recognition in the workplace: Caroline Ceniza-Levine, partner with the career consulting firm SixFigureStart "If you are doing a good job but still … [Read more...]

How to find a company contact before you apply

Yes, it pays to get the name of someone who works at a company you want to work for. I share job search tips on this topic with Amy Levin-Epstein in her latest piece for CBS Moneywatch: How to find a company contact before you apply: (MoneyWatch) In any competitive job market, putting in your … [Read more...]

What To Do The Night Before A Job Interview

3 of my career coaching tips around peak performance and job interviews are included in the latest piece by Amy Levin-Epstein for CBS Moneywatch:   ...what are some other ways to prepare yourself to be ready and steady before your big meeting in the morning? Here are three tips from … [Read more...]

Job interviews: 5 ways to leave a good impression

I'm back in CBS Moneywatch sharing career coaching advice about ending the job interview strong.  If you don't think about ending strong, it's easy to just be so relieved you hustle out of there and miss an opportunity for one last impression! Engage in conversation As you leave the office, … [Read more...]

9 Tips To Prepare For A Job Interview

I'm quoted in CBS Moneywatch to share some job interview preparation strategies.  Keep in mind this is career coaching for being at peak performance for the actual interview.  These tips do not replace the preparation BEFORE the interview, when you research the company, industry and the role, and … [Read more...]

Your Job Search Questions Answered on CBS Moneywatch Ask the Experts

I returned to CBS Moneywatch Ask the Experts to talk with host Jill Schlesinger and LinkedIn's Nicole Williams about the 2nd quarter 2012 job market picture and answer audience questions:   … [Read more...]

7 signs you’re acing a job interview

Here's my observation on the subject: He or she asks follow up questions. Are you being ask to expand on something you've said? That's a great sign. "If an interviewer has tuned out or is just going through a checklist of questions, they will not want to dig deep by asking follow-up … [Read more...]

4 things to do NOW to get Summer Fridays in July

I share a tip on CBS Moneywatch on 4 things to do NOW to get Summer Fridays in July: Get together some prime examples. You're not the first person to propose Summer Fridays, so find out what worked for friends at other offices. And talk to colleagues at your own company. "Find out from … [Read more...]

How to use humor in a job interview

I am quoted in CBS Moneywatch advising against it: Misplaced humor can backfire, says Caroline Ceniza-Levine, career coach with SixFigureStart. "People have different senses of humor," she says, "and some people are funnier than others. If you are naturally funny and can infuse this into your … [Read more...]