Four Ways To Achieve Both Professional And Personal Fulfillment

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The other day I was catching up with a very accomplished technology executive who was at a loss in forming her next professional moves because everything she prioritized right now pointed to her personal fulfillment – getting back into shape, focusing on family, travel. It made sense in a way since she had been working [...]

A Question of Balance – Purple Clover

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In my latest career coaching post for Purple Clover, I share strategies on how to ask about work/life balance when you're vetting a prospective employer. (In a nutshell, don't ask!). I’m a former recruiter that has hired for entry-level through executive positions across many different industries including non-profit and private sector. I also juggle full-time [...]

Integrating Personal and Professional Goals

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I recently led a workshop on Resilience for HR executives at a financial services firm that had recently undergone a major restructuring. One VP asked: “How do you allocate time between your personal and professional goals?” It’s a fitting question for that particular firm because many of the attendees were juggling several jobs and new [...]