Pre-Recorded Workshops

Sixfigurestart® has prerecorded 20 of its most requested career coaching workshops.  Site licenses are available so students and/or alumni can download the workshops as Mp3 files and have access to the insider tips and actionable strategies on their own schedule and pace. Please contact Caroline at for more information about site licenses for Sixfigurestart® career coaching recordings.

Each recording is 30-50 minutes in length.

How The Hiring Process Really Works: An Insider’s Guide to Getting The Job

Go behind the scenes and see what the recruiter sees during the job search

  • learn the 8 steps of the hiring process from the employer’s perspective;
  • see how to tailor your search to the employer’s point of view.

Presenter: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Identify Your Ideal Job Targets

How can you get your dream job when you don’t know what it is?

  • learn the 3 aspects of a well-defined job search target;
  • learn strategies for translating what you like into what exists in the market;
  • get strategies to move beyond analysis paralysis.

Presenter: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Create a Powerful Marketing Campaign

It’s not just about the resume

  • what are the key components of a comprehensive marketing campaign;
  • how to create engaging material that properly positions your skills and ability;
  • how to use online tools.

Presenter: Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

Conduct In-Depth and Effective Research

Differentiate yourself from your competition with the step that many jobseekers skip

  • what to research about your job search targets;
  • how to find inside information;
  • how to use offline, online and in-person research techniques.

Presenter: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Effective Networking Part 1/ Art of the Approach

Get more comfortable meeting people and building your network!

  • networking strategies for live venues — industry mixers, company info sessions, career fairs etc;
  • key opening questions and remarks to establish rapport quickly;
  • elements of an effective and memorable introductory pitch.

Presenter: Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

Effective Networking Part 2/ Art of the Follow-up

Find out how you can turn those great initial contacts into real, ongoing relationships!

  • how to conduct informational interviews
  • how to work with recruiters and HR
  • how to maintain and deepen their network; and
  • online v offline networking strategies.

Presenter: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Networking 2.0: Social Media and Your Job Search/ Career

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, help!

  • how to use social media in every stage of your career plan;
  • what recruiters use and how to help them find you;
  • how to prevent overwhelm from having to keep up with everything.

Presenter: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Master the Interview, Part 1: Overview of the Process

Get a recruiter’s perspective on how the interview process really works

  • what to expect, including common pitfalls;
  • what are the different types of interviews;
  • what are strategies for telephone, the first round and other common interviews.

Presenter: Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio


Master the Interview, Part 2: 12 Most Common Interview Questions Decoded

Hear from a former recruiter 12 popular interview questions and what we really want to know

  • the 3 categories of questions and how to approach each;
  • the 5 elements of a comprehensive response;
  • strategies and tips to be at your best during stressful interviews.

Presenter: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Troubleshooting Your Job Search

Find out why you are stuck in your job search and how to fix it!

  • the three areas where job searches break down;
  • strategies for fixing each of the common problem areas; and
  • ways that jobseekers can track their searches going forward to identify and fix problems early.

Presenter: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Negotiate and Close the Offer

It’s about getting the offer, NOT the job

  • what exactly is negotiable in the job search process;
  • how do you negotiate without alienating your prospective employer;
  • what are strategies you can use to get that offer.

Presenter: Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

Break Into the Bank, Getting A Finance Job, Part 1: On-Campus/ Traditional Finance Recruiting

Get the skinny on banking recruiting from the former head of campus recruiting for Citigroup and Merrill Lynch

  • how does the process look from the recruiters’ eyes;
  • what are your statistical chances and how do you improve them;
  • hear pet peeves and insider tips.

Presenter: Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

Break Into the Bank, Getting A Finance Job, Part 2: Non-traditional Finance Recruiting

You don’t have to work in an investment bank to work in finance

  • what other finance-related jobs are out there;
  • how recruiting differs for non-banking finance jobs;
  • what you can do to land these often un-advertised positions.

Presenter: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Crack the Case/ Consulting Interview Training

Hear the inside scoop from a former consultant and former recruiter to Accenture, Booz, Oliver Wyman and other leading consulting firms

  • what recruiters are looking for;
  • how the recruiting process works – types of cases, the airport test/ fit interview, and other aspects unique to the consulting recruiting process;
  • frameworks and tips you can use to get through the case.

Presenter: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

How To Handle a Job Layoff and Move Forward

Getting laid off does not have to derail you, if you know what to do

  • how to negotiate the best termination package;
  • how to leave on the best terms;
  • what to do with your job search to move forward quickly.

Presenter: Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

Recession-Proof Your Job

How to protect your job and career in a volatile market

  • how to notice the changes that precede layoffs;
  • how to figure out what part of your job is most worth doing;
  • how to stay marketable without necessarily actively looking.

Presenter: Caroline Ceniza-Levine


Resolve Ethical Work Dilemmas Without Jeopardizing Your Career

How to deal with those sticky situations at the office

  • what to do if a supervisor makes you uncomfortable;
  • how to resolve conflicts with colleagues;
  • when to bring in HR.

Presenter: Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

Creating A Personal Brand

What do Nike, Hermes, and Porche have that you want? Brand recognition and star power! When someone says your name – what do people think of? Your worth is tied to your brand and this workshop will help you to rebrand yourself with a winning spirit:

  • How do you stand out in a crowd?;
  • What are your benefits? What impact do you make?;
  • Perception is reality – how you do anything is how you do everything;
  • How Radical Transparency is sweeping the business world and how you need to comply!

Presenter: Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

Cultivating Mentors and Relationships

Mentors can make your careers so choose them wisely. We’ll explore strategies on how to ensure you select the best mentor and how to cultivate that relationship for maximum success!

  • How to attract the right mentor and how to use the advice they give you wisely;
  • How to be an exceptional protégé;
  • How to ensure your boss doesn’t get uneasy with your mentor relationship.

Presenter: Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio

Career Reinvention/ Job Search for Career Changers

Hear from an extreme career changer how to make the change you want in any market, from any background

  • how the job search is different for career changers and what to do instead;
  • how to change careers in a tough market;
  • frameworks and tips to get you through difficult transitions.

Presenter: Caroline Ceniza-Levine

Please contact Caroline at for more information about site licenses for Sixfigurestart® career coaching teleseminars.

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