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SixFigureStart® delivers live keynotes and leads live and virtual workshops for conferences, off-sites, meetings, and ongoing training.  We speak to Associations of executives and entrepreneurs to inspire and inform them on how to maximize personal results and how to maximize the effectiveness and engagement of their teams.  SixFigureStart® has presented to leading associations and conferences including:

  • Asian-American Journalists’ Association – Executive Leadership Program
  • Financial Women’s Association
  • Forte Foundation – national women in business conference
  • GlobalCon – national energy industry conference
  • Institute of Supply Management – NY chapter of procurement professionals
  • National Association of Asian-American Professionals – annual conference
  • SHINE – national women in entrepreneurship conference

Please contact Caroline and Connie here or 212-501-2234 to discuss how SixFigureStart® can deliver a provocative, engaging and fun talk at your next event.

Duration and topics are customized and can range from a 20-minute keynote to a full-day workshop.  Some of our most requested topics include:

Resilience in Work and Life:  Overcome Obstacles to Your Success

Ideally, you want to be so prepared you don’t need to worry about resilience – you know how to focus, to muster peak performance at will, to maintain your energy. But sometimes you need to be resilient in the moment – to recover from a misstep at a meeting or a shaky start to a presentation. You also need to maintain your resilience in the long-term – market conditions change, your needs and goals become more demanding, you have more obligations vying for your time. Learn strategies to prepare for big events so you perform at your best. Learn how to recover if things do go wrong. Learn how to become more resilient day-to-day to achieve success despite change and challenging conditions.

Beyond Balance:  Integrating Your Personal and Professional Goals

The saying is “It’s not personal, it’s business.”  But in reality, it’s all personal, even business is personal!  Your professional life gives you fulfillment, stretches your skills, and impacts your emotions.  On a practical note, your professional life feeds your family and pays for your dreams.  Rather than divide what you do into professional (9a-5p) and personal (evenings and weekends), you need to move beyond balance and integrate your work and life.  Get the strategies and tips to manage your time, money and energy for personal AND professional goals, for everything that matters to you

Schmooze or Lose: Advanced Networking Strategies

Do you know what’s working and what’s missing with your network?  Do you know how to introduce yourself and develop rapport with people — are you clear, are you memorable?  We all have heard that networking is critical to a successful career or business. But what exactly do you do with all these people that you meet? Learn how to master all 4 stages of networking: research; approach; follow-up; request.  It’s not just about meeting people and getting things!  Get practical suggestions on how to incorporate networking into your day-to-day. Learn to identify and attract the people who can support you. Get strategies to follow-up without pestering, to engage your network so they WANT to help you, and to create ways to collaborate for mutual benefit.

The 4 Elements of Personal Branding

We all hear about the importance of Personal Branding, but what does that mean exactly? There are 4 elements in branding, all of which you can maximize: reputation; actions; focus; style. Learn strategies to strengthen, refine, or change your brand. Learn how to tailor your brand to different audiences and goals. Learn different approaches to establishing your expertise, including case studies of real people who have successfully captured the attention of senior management, media, investors, and strategic partners.

Additional topics can be customized upon request.  Audiences have included both employed professionals looking to advance, as well as those in career transition.

Please contact Caroline and Connie here or 212-501-2234 to discuss how SixFigureStart® can deliver a provocative, engaging and fun talk at your next event.

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