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The SixFigureStart® BLOG features more frequent career advice posted several times per week. In addition to advice, we include business book reviews, links to helpful resources, even job postings we hear about from our extensive recruiting network.


The SixFigureStart® career coaching radio show airs live online at Blog Talk Radio the last Friday of each month from 6:00p – 6:30p Eastern Time.  The show is hosted by co-founder Caroline Ceniza-Levine and focuses on the questions we receive from YOU on job search, career advancement, workplace productivity, career change, entrepreneurship and more.  See our RADIO SHOW page for the link to the live broadcast and to past episodes.


In this FREE audio, 5 Strategies to Grow Your Business to 6-Figures, you’ll hear the strategies Connie and I used to grow our business 600% in four years. This audio is filled with tips and content you can use right away and will give you an idea of our approach to business-building.  Click here to register for 5 Strategies to Grow Your Business to 6-Figures, and you will get an immediately downloadable audio.  You’ll also get a 5-part email series with more in-depth information on each of the strategies covered in the audio workshop.


Several times a year we announce free workshops on our newsletter and blog. Most recently, Caroline hosted a webinar on how to optimize your job search for the busy first quarter hiring season, as well as a free 4-part webinar series on advanced networking strategies for entrepreneurs. Don’t miss the next event. Subscribe to the BLOG and E-NEWSLETTER.All of our upcoming workshops, including many of our free events, are announced in UPCOMING EVENTS.

For more customized support we also offer 1:1 coaching for individuals and 1:1 coaching for entrepreneurs.

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