What to Do When You Feel Stuck as Entrepreneur

The Big Enough Company column for Forbes.com featured entrepreneurs’ advice on getting unstuck, including my tip on push-ups:

Do Pushups!

Really, any physical exertion will do but I use push-ups in the example b/c they are so difficult for most people that you can’t think of anything else in the moment.  You can’t hear the negative voices in your head, you can’t replay that loop of What If or worst-case scenario.  You can just huff and puff your way through your push-ups, and then typically, you’ll have removed yourself far enough away from the situation that you can think more clearly.

–      Caroline Ceniza-Levine, career coach with SixFigureStart®

Read many more tips in Adelaide Lancaster’s piece for Forbes.com: What to Do When You Feel Stuck as Entrepreneur


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