Three Career Change Strategies Shared — Turn The Page Radio Show

I was excited to guest on the Turn The Page Radio Show with Hemda Mizrahi:Jump Ship: career change strategies

During the show, we talked about three strategies you can use if you’re looking to change careers. Specifically we covered:

Improving the rest of your life (relationships, money, even your current job) to give you a better foundation for your next career;

Trying a career change “light” — i.e., not changing everything about what you do at the exact same time; and

Embodying the new career and becoming an insider even before you make an official move.

Resume Tips To Stand Out In A Competitive Job Market

I was quoted on for resume tips to stand out in a competitive job market:

On The Job Hunt? Here’s How To Stand Out

…the most important section of the resume is the summary on top, said career coach Caroline Ceniza-Levine of Six Figure Start. Include your expertise, role or function, and key accomplishments in the industry. For older job seekers the summary should also “show a body of work with progression, tangible results,and unique expertise,” Ceniza-Levine said….

“Your most recent experience deserves the most attention. Jobs that are more than 10 years old should be included so there are no gaps, but you don’t need more than one or two bullets,” says Ceniza-Levine. If you’ve worked in an industry for over a decade, categorize your roles — financial, operations, sales — and group various positions accordingly….

Ceniza-Levine also recommends including anchored text or hyperlinks that point the reader to additional information.

Here are 3 more ways to ensure your resume stands out:

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Media Reel Debut – Video

I finally had my media appearances cut into a 3-minute media reel. I’d love your feedback!

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Building A Business That Serves You – Soul Purpose Company

building a businessThe SixFigureStart story is featured on Soul Purpose Company via podcast and brief transcript. Here are some excerpts:

Getting Started: It’s All About the Network

Before you market your idea to strangers, start with the people who know you – people you’ve worked other jobs with or went to school with. [Read more…]

How To Excel In A Temp Management Role – eFinancialCareers

temporary management roleSixFigureStart is quoted multiple times in Simon Mortlock’s piece for eFinancialCareers: How to excel as an interim manager in the banking sector. Don’t let the title fool you: these tips are relevant to sectors well outside the financial one. Here are excerpts of my advice:

5) Set small goals

Make sure the goals you’re given are actually achievable. “You have limited time to get results and develop credibility, so focus on being efficient at these two things – this isn’t the time to wonder about what the broad departmental goals are,” says Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a career coach with SixFigureStart, a New York-based consultancy whose clients have included Bank of America, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan. [Read more…]

Stop Saying You Are Too Busy To Network – Fox Business

too busy to networkI return to Fox Business Career Accelerator to talk with Lauren Simonetti about how to network in just minutes each day:

Stop thinking that networking has to be a big production — a multi-day conference or a long lunch. There are multiple small steps you can take to build networking into each day.

Which tip will you adopt? You can read more about networking in minutes at: How To Network in Just 5 Minutes A Day.

SixFigureStart in Business Insider – Get Busy Coworkers To Read Your Emails

busy coworkersYou need to communicate well with others in order to get your job done. This includes getting busy coworkers to read and prioritize your emails. In Emmie Martin’s latest piece for Business Insider, I share some tips for how to make your emails stand out: [Read more…]

SixFigureStart in Yahoo Finance — Answering Questions For Passerbys In NYC

It was so much fun shooting the career Q&A at Bryant Park in NYC for Yahoo Finance:

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SixFigureStart in Business Insider – On Thank You Notes and Quitting Your Job

quitting your jobI’m excited to be quoted in two separate pieces in Business Insider, articles by Emmie Martin.

From 6 Tips For Gracefully Quitting Your Job:

Stay positive.

According to Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a career coach with SixFigureStart, resigning in a mean-spirited way is the biggest mistake professionals make. You don’t need to give a reason for leaving, but if you wish to include a bit more context, your formal letter isn’t the place to air your grievances or call out colleagues. While you might be tempted to give your boss the proverbial middle finger — especially if you’re leaving on unfavorable terms — the feeling of satisfaction it gives you will be fleeting (and never worth it). [Read more…]

SixFigureStart in Fast Company: How To Get Promoted Without Working Long Hours

how to get promotedI am excited to be cited in Fast Company on working smarter, not harder, to get your promotion:

Make sure you know how and why people get promoted.

At some organizations, the process is formalized, and at others it’s not, but in any case you can figure out the rules. “Ask your boss up front, or you can ask people who’ve recently been promoted, or ask people in HR what are the factors,” says Caroline Ceniza-Levine, a career coach with Six Figure Start. [Read more…]

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