Tweets Inspired by How The Fierce Handle Fear

Author @MatthewFKelly notes that, “the measure of your life is the measure of your courage.” #FierceBook

“Fear is something to be acknowledge, experienced, and taken along for the ride.”-@JackCanfield. Read more: #FierceBook

@JackCanfield notes that fear was biologically necessary, but now it’s just a sign that we should be alert. #FierceBook

In How the Fierce Handle Fear, @JackCanfield discusses why “most of the good stuff requires taking a risk.” #FierceBook

@JackCanfield says “disappear your fear:” imagine the scary thing and replace it with a positive opposite. #FierceBook

@JackCanfield points out that, “All fear is self-created by imagining a negative outcome in the future.” #FierceBook

@JackCanfield believes the things we are most afraid to do offer us the greatest liberation and growth. #FierceBook

Read how @JackCanfield uses @CallahanTFT’s Five-Minute Phobia Cure to conquer fear: #FierceBook

@JackCanfield says it’s best to take on smaller risks and work your way up to the biggest, scariest thing. #FierceBook

@JackCanfield urges high intention/low attachment: do all you can to form desired outcomes, then let it go. #FierceBook

When one door closes, another opens! @JackCanfield says always think, “this or something better.” #FierceBook

@Pamslim notes that “courage is the result of walking through fear and surviving it,” not the cause. #FierceBook

Read about how @Pamslim suggests we view fear as a protective force, not a threat in “The Gift of Fear:” #FierceBook

@Pamslim has 5 steps to engage with fear: recognize, listen, decipher, test, thank. Read more here: #FierceBook

@WomanOnFire points out how the Paradoxical Theory of Change erases fear in her piece here: #FierceBook

Read why @WomanOnFire says that holding your index finger can calm your fear. #FierceBook

Learn how Howard Kay discovered that ignorance feeds fear, and see what he did to stop it: #FierceBook

@jenethb encourages you to decide not to indulge the thought of fear. Learn more in her piece: #FierceBook

Start a fear journal as a way to confront your specific fears. @jenethb tells you how here: #FierceBook

@andreajlee wants us all to feel fear. Small doses of “Vitamin F” can prepare us to tackle life’s hurdles. #FierceBook

Can we use our fear as a tool? @andreajlee says that it is a window into data, but only if we recognize it. #FierceBook

Link fear with your life’s work in your mind. @andreajlee believes this will fuel you to do great things! #FierceBook

@realDonaldTrump notes, “The opposite of fear is faith.” Believe in yourself and you will be victorious. #FierceBook

@realDonaldTrump doesn’t have any fears. Read more about how he confronts his challenges here: #FierceBook

Dissect fear into its tiniest parts and solve problems 1 by 1. @realDonaldTrump talks more about fear here: #FierceBook

“Action eliminates fear.” Darren West wants you to take small steps each day to realize your big dream. #FierceBook

Fear keeps us focused on ourselves. Darren West suggests we do acts of service to keep ourselves grounded. #FierceBook

Sandie Glass knows collaboration is the key to fighting fear; people love to help others. Read on here: #FierceBook

Upfront planning, an optimistic mindset, and group support keep fear away for Sandie Glass. Find out more: #FierceBook

Debra Arrato uses lists to combat fear; writing out best/worst case scenarios makes it all seem less scary. #FierceBook

Reading success stories inspired Debra Arrato to achieve her dreams. What could they do for you? Find out: #FierceBook

@DrLaureenWishom keeps a gratitude journal to defeat her fear. Read more about her strategies here: #FierceBook

@DrLaureenWishom says, “When fear knocks at your door, send faith to answer.” #FierceBook

@DrLaureenWishom doesn’t want you to surround yourself with fearful people; it will rub off on you. #FierceBook

Run the numbers to out-think your fear. Read more about my strategy here: #FierceBook

Start change at the fringes. Making small changes in your life before taking a big leap can combat fear. #FierceBook

You can only get more when you do more. Eventually you have to face your fear and make the big change. #FierceBook

Harness your fear: decide to fear regret, and use that to push you into action. #FierceBook

Most things we fear losing can be regained, but time we can never get back. So live your dream now! #FierceBook

Valarie D. Willis knows fear happens when we dwell on the past, and writes about moving forward here: #FierceBook

Have a visual image of what you want. Valarie D. Willis used hers to push past fear and find success. #FierceBook

Purpose + Passion is Valarie D. Willis’ formula for banishing fear. Read more about her strategy here: #FierceBook

@JanetSlack knows you must build up fierce muscles. The return of fear is another opportunity to defeat it. #FierceBook

@JanetSlack learned that fear lies. When you imagine the worst and it doesn’t happen, you become brave. #FierceBook

@JordanMcAuley learned in a unique way that never quitting allows you to conquer fear. Read about it: #FierceBook

Putting fear into perspective has helped @JordanMcAuley become a business success. See how here: #FierceBook

Positive psych says FEAR stands for “False Experiences Appearing Real.” @JordanMcAuley on defeating fear: #FierceBook

“What you focus on expands”-@JordanMcAuley via @tonyrobbins. Focus on the positive to shrink your fear. #FierceBook

40 million adults are affected by Anxiety Disorders. Raychelle LeBlanc talks about facing her extreme fear: #FierceBook

Journaling was just one tool Raychelle LeBlanc used to end her panic attacks. Read more: #FierceBook

Raychelle LeBlanc talks about the importance of trusting and surrendering in defeating fear here: #FierceBook

Having support from friends or a professional is crucial in facing fear. Raychelle LeBlanc discusses that: #FierceBook

@FrankMcKinney knows the first risk is scary. But conquer that, and it’s easier to move onto bigger ones! #FierceBook

Where do you fall on @FrankMcKinney’s Risk Threshold Continuum: Phobic or Daredevil? #FierceBook

To @FrankMcKinney, “scared” means “a sensation resulting from the pursuit of an opportunity.” #FierceBook

When you fear you’ve hit bottom, @FrankMcKinney says that’s when you need to be most proactive to succeed: #FierceBook

@FrankMcKinney doesn’t see failure. He sees an opportunity to “restate the question” and find success. #FierceBook

@Frank McKinney feels that making your desires meaningful to someone besides you will make them come true. #FierceBook

@FrankMcKinney believes in the importance of giving back to feed you spiritually and in turn fight fear. #FierceBook

Dr. Arathi R. Rao knows that focusing to the how/why of the past is futile. Look to the what of the future. #FierceBook

You can’t control everything. Dr. Arathi R. Rao says that you must learn when to surrender to God. #FierceBook

Dr. Arathi R. Rao finds that writing out fears and offering them to God allows her patients to let them go. #FierceBook

@DeborahLindholm writes about the liberation you feel when you discover the root of a fear: #FierceBook

@DeborahLindholm recognizes fear as a self-fulfilling prophecy and gives you steps to combat it: #FierceBook

Fear can be helpful, but @DeborahLindholm says you must strive to get rid of fear that isn’t beneficial. #FierceBook

“You have total sovereignty when it comes to your fears”-@DeborahLindholm. You can create or dismiss them. #FierceBook

@DeborahLindholm says “Act as if you are free from the fears that have impeded you” and they’ll disappear. #FierceBook

Gretchel A. Johnson talks about her Seven Essentials to overcoming fear and about the role of faith here: #FierceBook

@intuitiongirl writes about being aligned with the flow of the Universe and how you can reach your goals: #FierceBook

Know yourself well. @intuitiongirl stresses the importance of self-awareness in defeating fear: #FierceBook

Make yourself a priority. @intuitiongirl writes about the importance of putting yourself first here: #FierceBook

@intuitiongirl wants you to feel worthy. Until then, your road to success will be blocked. #FierceBook

“Open up to the gifts the Universe wants to give you”-@intuitiongirl. This is how you beat fear. #FierceBook

Many successful people have developed effective step-by-step systems to fight fear. Learn their secrets: #FierceBook

The power of positive thinking is a tool many successful people use to combat fear. Read their stories: #FierceBook

Facing fear can be tough, but @realDonaldTrump, @FrankMcKinney, and more have done it and tell you how: #FierceBook

@intuitiongirl, @FrankMcKinney and others talk about the role of spirituality in their fight against fear: #FierceBook

@JackCanfield, @DeborahLindholm, etc. discuss the physical/mental link in feeling fear and how to stop it: #FierceBook

Are you using your fear, or is it ruling you? @andreajlee, @PamSlim, and others talk about channeling fear: #FierceBook

In How The Fierce Handle Fear several of the co-authors discuss how meditation helps them overcome fear. #FierceBook

These Tweets were written by Amanda Rodhe, journalist extraordinaire and fellow Barnard alum

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