Networking From Scratch — If My Professional Network Suddenly Disappeared, Here Is How I Would Build It Up Again

A reader of my recent networking post, Ten People You Need To Have In Your Professional Network, gave me a follow-up challenge: I've been to so many lectures or read articles and they all say the same thing. Rely on your network or use your network to accomplish this or that. What they all overlook … [Read more...]

Financial Freedom Is The Ultimate Leverage In An Offer Negotiation

When I blogged about how to gain the upper hand in an offer negotiation several of the strategies revolved around strengthening your ability to walk away from the negotiation altogether. Negotiating in good faith means that you sincerely want to work something out, so walking away should be a last … [Read more...]

If I Could Wish One Success Trait For My Clients, It Would Be This

For most of January, I featured blogs on motivation and productivity because it was new year’s resolution time so the “how to reach success in your goals” theme seemed apropos. I actually returned to that theme in February for two additional posts, after discovering a startling statistic: over 40% … [Read more...]

10-Day Blog Challenge Day 3: Visualizing Your Perfect Day

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3 which is about Visualizing Your Perfect Day. I was excited to get this particular challenge because it’s a popular coaching exercise, and yet I haven’t done it in a while. On the plus side, I haven’t felt a … [Read more...]

Job Opening: Director, Operations Warrior Wellness Program – David Lynch Foundation, New York, NY

For this veterans program director job opening, I am actively sourcing and screening candidates, ideally with military background, so if you know of someone who is a good fit, I’d love to hear from you. Please note the dedicated email in the To Apply section, which was set up specifically for this … [Read more...]

What I Learned After Spending Over $100,000 On Personal And Professional Development

Even coaches need coaches – in the 9 years since starting SixFigureStart, I have invested over $100,000 in personal and professional development.  It is difficult to see the picture when you are inside the frame. – John Doerr The above quote by venture capitalist, John Doerr, captures why. When … [Read more...]

How To Compete With More Experienced Job Seekers When You Are Changing Careers

I recently hosted a Twitter chat on changing careers for Forbes. The very first question I fielded is something I get asked about a lot – how to compete with more traditional, experienced candidates. The trick to competing is being competitive -- i.e., having something the employer wants. – … [Read more...]

More Strategies For Radical Career Change: Overcoming Critics And Naysayers

In a recent Forbes post, I profiled management consultant-turned-journalist Archith Seshadri, who shared his lessons for making a radical career change. Archith mentioned that his colleagues were “supportive but also shocked.” Support and shock are common reactions from the people around you when a … [Read more...]

Negotiation for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers: Get Paid What You’re Worth – Video Blog

In today's video blog negotiation tip for entrepreneurs, consultants and freelancers, I share 3 strategies to get paid what you're worth: … [Read more...]

Your Career Is Your Biggest Asset. Here Are 5 Ways To Protect It — and

This post originally appears in my career column for and Your earning potential is a million-dollar asset. The first quarter 2014 Bureau of Labor Statistics report puts median earnings in the US at $796 per week, which adds up to $41,392 per year, which amounts to a hair … [Read more...]