How To Find A Lost Reference – and Other Tips for Managing Your Professional References

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Ernie asks: I strongly agree that references are of utmost importance in hiring a new person. I have hired a few dozen and was always glad that I contacted the many references I got from prospective candidates. My challenge though is that at 68 years of age, references are essentially gone due to old-age and [...]

Job Search Turnaround: A Real-Life Client Success Story

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An attendee at a recent workshop sent this update about her job search turnaround:  I wanted to thank you for sharing your insights on "Ace the Interview" webinar through Columbia's Center for Career Education a few weeks ago. I used your insights immediately after that webinar, during a phone interview with a market research consulting [...]

Get A Fresh Career Start: 5 Things To Do Differently THIS Year – Blog Exclusive

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THANK YOU to the subscribers who responded to our January survey on your career status and interests. (If you didn’t see the survey, don’t worry – we selected a random sample to respond.) Of the respondents, nearly half of you expect to be in a new job by year-end. Top 3 areas you want to [...]

Speed Up a Slow Job Interview Process – Life Reimagined For Work

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In my latest job search advice post for Life Reimagined For Work, I cover that annoying part of the search, when after you've been interviewing and everything seems to be going so well, things just grind to a halt. How do you get things moving again during a slow job interview process? The longer interviewing [...]

Conference Call Survival Tips

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When I worked for Merrill Lynch, I typically had 3 - 5 conference calls per week and while staying engaged was important, it was a struggle because some were very unorganized and outright boring. Here are some tips to staying engaged because someone might just call your name out and you might just be completely [...]