Seven Levers To Negotiate As A Consultant, Temp Or Freelancer

Yes, you can negotiate as a consultant, temp, freelancer, or small business owner. Don’t assume that just because you’re not full-fledged staff, you have less influence. Don’t assume that since it’s just you v. a bigger company that you don’t have leverage. Don’t assume that a company can’t pay … [Read more...]

Financial Freedom Is The Ultimate Leverage In An Offer Negotiation

When I blogged about how to gain the upper hand in an offer negotiation several of the strategies revolved around strengthening your ability to walk away from the negotiation altogether. Negotiating in good faith means that you sincerely want to work something out, so walking away should be a last … [Read more...]

Salary Negotiation, Negotiating Tips for Women, and Your Negotiation Questions Answered – Blog Talk Radio

In the latest episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching radio show on Blog Talk Radio, I answered questions about negotiation, specifically questions from the Women’s Leadership Conference organized by the Barnard Athena Center and Columbia Business School. In this episode, Caroline answers … [Read more...]

How To Master Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations was a recurring theme in two workshops I delivered last week, including the 2016 Women’s Leadership Summit: Better, Every Day, organized by TCNJ (that’s where the picture is from!). In my talks on career success, a number of questions came up about when to say No, how to … [Read more...]

How To Estimate Salary For A New Job With Few Comparable Roles

What happens if you’re in late stage interviews with a company about a job and you’re asked for your ideal salary target – i.e., name your price? The catch: it’s a new role (perhaps they’re creating it especially for you), so you have no idea what a fair market salary is. Having to estimate salary … [Read more...]

Underpaid? Four Salary Negotiation Strategies If You Are Currently Paid Below Market

There are many reasons you could be underpaid despite being excellent at what you do. You might have taken on additional responsibilities but without a commensurate raise. You might be a longtime employee getting small cost-of-living adjustments while new hires coming from the outside leapfrog into … [Read more...]

Why Everyone Needs Multiple Streams Of Income

Everyone needs multiple streams of income for diversification. Just like your investments are highly exposed if you only own one type of investment, your income is highly exposed if it only comes from one source. For a gainfully employed professional who has no intentions of holding down a second … [Read more...]

Salary Negotiation In Light Of The Satya Nadella Pay Gap Firestorm

In my latest career advice column for Money and Time, I cover salary negotiation, particularly for women in light of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella's remarks not to negotiate but to trust the system. Here's the unedited version: If you’re a savvy, self-starting executive woman you might feel … [Read more...]

Negotiation Success Requires Desire Not Desperation – Video Blog

In today's video blog I cover a critical negotiation success element: how to balance staying positive and showing interest without seeming too interested (i.e., desperate) and giving away your leverage: … [Read more...]

Maximize Your Year-End Performance Review – Video Blog

In today’s video blog on maximizing your year-end performance review, I share a 4-step process to ensure you get the most out of your annual review -- to put yourself in the best light, clarify what you need to do next, and ask successfully for what you want: … [Read more...]