Networking From Scratch — If My Professional Network Suddenly Disappeared, Here Is How I Would Build It Up Again

A reader of my recent networking post, Ten People You Need To Have In Your Professional Network, gave me a follow-up challenge: I've been to so many lectures or read articles and they all say the same thing. Rely on your network or use your network to accomplish this or that. What they all overlook … [Read more...]

When Small Talk Isn’t Small, and Little Details Mean A Lot

In a job interview, the small talk at the start isn’t small but critical to a positive first impression (the right small talk can build rapport). I write about other ways to make a good first impression at a job interview in my latest Forbes post. Of course, job interviews aren’t the only times when … [Read more...]

Networking Tips For Career Changers

In last week’s post, I shared Marketing Tips For Career Changers, but given that career changers will get more traction from Networking (so they can directly tell people their story, rather than hanging out a resume and hoping to get a call), this post focuses on Networking For Career Changers, that … [Read more...]

Lessons From A Type-A Career Changer: From Management Consulting To Journalism

How do you leave a well-paying, stable job for a brand new career? Archith Seshadri did just that when he left a management consultant career to pursue journalism. He has since worked on-air, in print and digitally for CBS, ABC, FOX and currently CNN. I hear from many management consultants and … [Read more...]

Month-by-Month Ideas For Your New Year’s Resolutions

In my Forbes post on 12 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Career, I break down a big and broad new year’s resolution like career advancement into 12 smaller resolutions you can focus on for 30 days at a time. There are several advantages to a monthly v. yearly approach to resolutions – you only commit … [Read more...]

Behind-the-Scenes In MBA Recruiting: Six Recruiters Share What Works In Job Search Today

In addition to my talk on career change for the 2015 Asian MBA Conference, I contributed a behind-the-scenes look at the MBA recruiting process. I interview five recruiters on what works and what doesn't work in job search today: Recruiters will never give you the “real” reason why you didn’t get … [Read more...]

Sins of Omission: Seven Career Mistakes Caused By Inaction

After I heard about the 7,800 layoffs coming at Microsoft, first it inspired my advice post on Forbes on career mistakes caused by not acting when layoffs are imminent. Then I checked on a former colleague who was there, but luckily she had already moved five months earlier. She mentioned that it … [Read more...]

Networking Lessons Learned From Meeting A Superstar

Having lived in NYC my whole life, I have had my share of celebrity run-ins: riding an elevator with Jake Gyllenhaal; squeezing through a small restaurant foyer with Lorne Michaels, David Spade and the late Chris Farley; catching a wave from Chris Rock as he blared loud music from a bright silver … [Read more...]

Small Company v. Big Company: How To Decide The Right Company Size For You

This career advice post on company size as a career decision factor originally appeared in my career column for and as Fortune 500 or Startup? How to Tell What Size Company is Right for You. This is the unedited version: Is it better to work with a Fortune 500 company or a … [Read more...]

How An Unrelated Hobby Can Be A Powerful Sales And Marketing Tool

In the fall of 2010, just two years into our business, I took a comedy class, which became an unexpectedly powerful sales and marketing tool for our business. Comedy was unrelated to anything in our business plan (except for maybe helping support my writing and creativity). But, it turned out … [Read more...]