Seven Levers To Negotiate As A Consultant, Temp Or Freelancer

Yes, you can negotiate as a consultant, temp, freelancer, or small business owner. Don’t assume that just because you’re not full-fledged staff, you have less influence. Don’t assume that since it’s just you v. a bigger company that you don’t have leverage. Don’t assume that a company can’t pay … [Read more...]

How Do You Know Whether A Company Can Afford Your Desired Salary – Reader Question

When you are negotiating for your desired salary, it helps to know that you and your prospective employer are even in the same ballpark. In my recent Forbes post, I shared tips on how to avoid a lowball salary, and one of these is to stay away from companies whose salary expectations are … [Read more...]

How To Find Focus In An Open Workspace – Reader Question

Reader H.M. asks: What are good ways of finding quiet in an open office or in securing a private office in the hiring process or after starting a job? This is a timely question since many workplaces I’m seeing are moving to an open floorplan – better collaboration and cost efficiency are the two … [Read more...]

Salary Negotiation, Negotiating Tips for Women, and Your Negotiation Questions Answered – Blog Talk Radio

In the latest episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching radio show on Blog Talk Radio, I answered questions about negotiation, specifically questions from the Women’s Leadership Conference organized by the Barnard Athena Center and Columbia Business School. In this episode, Caroline answers … [Read more...]

How To Estimate Salary For A New Job With Few Comparable Roles

What happens if you’re in late stage interviews with a company about a job and you’re asked for your ideal salary target – i.e., name your price? The catch: it’s a new role (perhaps they’re creating it especially for you), so you have no idea what a fair market salary is. Having to estimate salary … [Read more...]

Negotiating For Job Title

Today's radio show episode is about offer negotiation, specifically negotiating for job title, not compensation, benefits, or the many other factors that go into an offer. Hannah asks:  I've been a newspaper editor about six years. The job I'm pursuing is in magazine editing. The position has … [Read more...]

Underpaid? Four Salary Negotiation Strategies If You Are Currently Paid Below Market

There are many reasons you could be underpaid despite being excellent at what you do. You might have taken on additional responsibilities but without a commensurate raise. You might be a longtime employee getting small cost-of-living adjustments while new hires coming from the outside leapfrog into … [Read more...]

Behind-the-Scenes In MBA Recruiting: Six Recruiters Share What Works In Job Search Today

In addition to my talk on career change for the 2015 Asian MBA Conference, I contributed a behind-the-scenes look at the MBA recruiting process. I interview five recruiters on what works and what doesn't work in job search today: Recruiters will never give you the “real” reason why you didn’t get … [Read more...]

Ask For Even More, Part 2: Negotiate To Help People Help You

Client got 10% more. I was more excited about severance – @SixFigureStart That was a Tweet I wrote for my recent Forbes post on Ask For Even More: Five Items Even Savvy Professionals Forget To Negotiate For. My client came to me for negotiation support on her multiple six-figure package, and we … [Read more...]

Five Career Temptations When Saying No Might Be The Best Response

It’s scary saying No. When it comes to career decisions, second-guessing is rampant: Should I keep looking rather than accept this opportunity? Should I take that meeting just in case? What if I drop this project or client or activity and regret it? Sometimes it feels crazy saying No but it is … [Read more...]