Is Your Executive Presence Holding You Back Professionally? Assess it with these Steps

Most professionals intuitively understand the value of executive presence, but how do you fix it? A good first step is to review the list of 10 factors that employers and recruiters assess when gauging executive presence. Just translating an amorphous concept like “executive presence” into specific … [Read more...]

Resumes, Cover Letters, and Your Personal Branding Questions Answered – Blog Talk Radio

Career marketing/ personal branding is the theme of the latest episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching radio show on Blog Talk Radio. I answer questions from a recent workshop with mid- to senior-level executives organized by Eruditus and Columbia Business School: If you are looking to … [Read more...]

How Do You Convince An Employer To Give You A Chance When You Are Changing Careers – Reader Question

Rutendo asks: I am a Medical Doctor, trained and currently working [outside the US]. I want to make a move into Clinical Research, and I do have related experience when I was working in one of our teaching hospitals. We’d have several studies running concurrently, so in between admitting patients … [Read more...]

Career Visibility When You Have Tried And Tried, And Nothing Works – Reader Question

Reader Kay asks: I'm challenged with finding visibility outside of my unit. I've asked for stretch assignments and assignments that would enable me to interface with other units within the organization but those assignments have not materialized. I have no resource for getting exposure and … [Read more...]

When Small Talk Isn’t Small, and Little Details Mean A Lot

In a job interview, the small talk at the start isn’t small but critical to a positive first impression (the right small talk can build rapport). I write about other ways to make a good first impression at a job interview in my latest Forbes post. Of course, job interviews aren’t the only times when … [Read more...]

Career Marketing Lessons From The World Of Coca-Cola

On a pleasure visit to the World Of Coca-Cola, I noticed three key lessons from Coke’s tremendously successful product marketing that convey relevant career marketing lessons to professionals seeking a new job or promotion: Focus on the unique benefits Coke’s first branding campaign centered … [Read more...]

How To Increase Your Career Marketability

This topic of career marketability was inspired by a question I received at a workshop. Two weeks ago, I led a career Q&A for Indian executives in residence at Columbia Business School, and a question came up on how to measure your marketability. You can read my answer to that question in a … [Read more...]

Changing Careers Is Different From Just Changing Jobs: 10 Marketing Tips For Career Changers

I created a series of Tweets based on my latest book, Jump Ship: 10 Steps To Starting A New Career (2015, Forbes Media), and the finished list of Tweets serve as good reminders of how to navigate a career change. Here are 10 relating to how to effectively market yourself to prospective … [Read more...]

Underemployment Is On The Rise – How To Stay Competitive

According to the Accenture Strategy 2016 U.S. College Graduate Employment Study, 51% of class of 2014 and 2015 graduates think they are underemployed in their current job. This number has steadily climbed in the four years Accenture has been conducting the survey — up from 41% in 2013. The above … [Read more...]

How To Maintain Career Success Within A Struggling Industry put out its 28th annual “Jobs Rated” report, rating jobs on environment, income, outlook and 11 stress factors….Of the top 10 worst jobs, newspaper reporter was ranked worst for the third year in a row. Several other media jobs also made the top 10 worst: broadcaster (No. 3); disc … [Read more...]