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How To Choose Your Next Career Move: 40 Factors To Consider

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There are many factors affecting how to choose your next career move, and what you prioritize changes over time. One client prioritized location over all because he was part of a dual-career couple, and his wife had committed to a three-year residency and was not relocatable. Another client aspired to be a Chief Marketing Officer, [...]

10-Day Blog Challenge Day 4: Unlocking Your Superpowers

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This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4 which is about Unlocking Your Superpowers. Natalie Sisson, who is organizing this challenge, defines a superpower as something you’re good at and enjoy doing. I would agree with the two criteria, but also add a third – 1) what [...]

Get Specific To Get To The Decision Makers – Video Blog

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In this job search video blog, I share a 3-pronged approach to getting specific enough in your job search targets that you can identify who might be hiring for those jobs:           You can read more about getting to the decision-makers, including feedback directly from recruiters themselves in Recruiters Reveal: How [...]

Why Silicon Valley Trends Matter to the Rest of Us – Life Reimagined For Work

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In my career advice post for Life Reimagined For Work, I cover recent HR trends in Silicon Valley. Even if these latest changes don't apply to you, they serve as useful checkpoints for career management. How would you fare in environments like Netflix, Zappos, or Yahoo? Netflix offers unlimited vacation days. Zappos banished job titles. [...]

Touchdown! See How This Candidate Landed His Job

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I helped someone with their job search a couple of months ago and just found out he landed! Here is the email he sent me with lessons for you embedded throughout. Hope it's helpful to you! --------------------------- It feels great to finally have a job. I never thought I would have been out of work [...]