Rebecca Matthias on Business Success

Think big.  Focus.  Never give up.  That’s your mantra.  Everything else will fall into place. – Rebecca Matthias Rebecca Matthias is CEO of Mothers Work (retail outlets include Mimi Maternity, Pea in the Pod, and Motherhood). This quote is from her book, Mothers Work, one of my favorite business … [Read more...]

Career Change Through Entrepreneurship: Pharmaceutical Executive Enters The Doughnut Business

It sounds like the set up to a joke (an accountant opens a doughnut shop…) but it’s actually a career change success story: Mark Prygocki went from Big Four accountant to President of a medical cosmetics company to franchisee owner of five Fractured Prune Doughnuts Arizona locations.  After 21 years … [Read more...]

Unconventional Business Advice From Author And Small Business Expert Pamela Slim

We all need each other – Pam Slim I am a Pam Slim fan from her early days with the Escape From Cubicle Nation blog and book to her latest coaching offerings, most recently the Indispensable Community Tour. I attended the NYC leg of the tour, and it was an interesting half-day of meeting new people … [Read more...]

Ten Fun Entrepreneur Quotes

I have been profiling a series of real-life career change stories for, many of whom are entrepreneurship stories. The insights are invaluable, but the direct quotes are the most fun. Here are ten of my favorite quotes from these profiles and other entrepreneurs: Put it this way, when … [Read more...]

Temp-To-Perm Entrepreneur-Style: How A Single Project Can Lead To Repeat Business

While small business owners don’t necessarily want to join their clients as full-time employees, reliable, repeat business from a client, say a retainer over a long period of time, is a great way to even out the vagaries of cash flow that stymie many small businesses. Reliable, repeat business … [Read more...]

How An Unrelated Hobby Can Be A Powerful Sales And Marketing Tool

In the fall of 2010, just two years into our business, I took a comedy class, which became an unexpectedly powerful sales and marketing tool for our business. Comedy was unrelated to anything in our business plan (except for maybe helping support my writing and creativity). But, it turned out … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Use Rankings And Lists To Grow Your Business

Rankings and lists can help you grow your business. For example, Payscale, the salary site, recently released a ranking of undergraduate colleges by 20-year ROI. I summarized four interesting findings from the Payscale College ROI report (party schools trump sober schools!) in my latest Forbes post. … [Read more...]

Negotiation Strategies For Entrepreneurs: 4 Ways You Are Losing Money

In a recent Forbes post, I wrote about negotiation strategies for the underpaid employee. As an entrepreneur, you also negotiate – when you make a sale, when you decide on specifications or customizations on an offering, or when you change directions on a project. With all this negotiation practice, … [Read more...]

Sales And Marketing: Are You Chasing The Wrong Goal

In a recent Forbes post, I wrote about chasing the wrong goal with the example of landing a promotion and still being unhappy. Aiming for one goal when you’re really after something else is not limited to traditional employees. Entrepreneurs with their attention on so many things, including both … [Read more...]

Relocating For A Job, Job Search Over 40 And Marketing A Creative Business

In the February episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching Radio Show, I answer questions on relocating for a job, including internationally, job search over 40, and marketing your creative business: Check Out Self Help Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with SixFigureStart on BlogTalkRadio … [Read more...]