Customize Your Email Signature To Your Unique Personal Brand

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In a recent post for my Forbes Leadership column, I covered 5 Technology Tools To Boost Your Networking, including how to customize your email signature to be an automatic brand ambassador:

You may not think to customize your email signature but it can be an important brand ambassador as you build your network. It accompanies each and every email, and we all know how much email we exchange! Why not customize your email signature make every interaction a broader reminder of who you are.

Customize your email signature in 10 easy ways:

  1. LinkedIn hyperlink — an elegant way to share your resume
  2. Personal website — for small business owners, this is a must. For career changers, you may start a blog to curate your new knowledge, and use your email signature to promote this change
  3. Social media — if you post professionally oriented content on Twitter, Facebook, even Pinterest, don’t be shy about sharing
  4. Photo – you won’t need this for close friends (so segment your automatic signatures) but it can be helpful for acquaintances who are still getting to know you
  5. Article link — if you write or are cited in the media, this is an elegant way to share. If you are curating content around your expertise, this signals you’re current
  6. Event link — whether you are appearing or attending, it’s a window in how you stay active
  7. Quote — add your personality or be your reader’s inspiration
  8. Industry fact — similar to a quote, this shares your expertise
  9. Fun fact — in lieu of an industry fact, share something personal. If you are a master baker, you can hyperlink to a picture of your latest creation
  10. Online calendar – if you want to really encourage networking, include a link to your online schedule. You can rename it with a custom URL (e.g., via so it’s clear what the link refers to: Chat with me or Let’s connect!

These are just some ideas for how to customize your email signature. How do you differentiate?



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