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In my career advice column for Life Reimagined For Work, I tackle the vexing problem of not getting credit for your work. This office professional fixes problems and comes up with ideas only to watch others benefit.

I share 3 strategies:

1) Itemize your contributions – Document what support people ask of you, noting any patterns in people relying on you for specific expertise or company knowledge.

2) Collect testimonials – If a colleague emails you a thank you or praises you for a good job, forward the email to your manager, save the email for a performance review meeting, or — better yet — ask your co-worker to let your manager know directly.

3) Ask for what you deserve – Get specific measurable direction for what you need to do and make an appointment for three months later to discuss again.

Read the full article at Life Reimagined For Work: I Fix Co-Workers’ Problems, They Get My Raise.

Has this happened to you? What do you advise?

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