For Individuals

Do you want support and advice customized exactly to your needs?  1:1 coaching focuses on getting you from where you are now to where you WANT to be.

  • Are you unsure about what to do next in your career?
  • Do you have a career goal that has been just out of reach and needs to get moving again?
  • Are you submitting resumes or going on interviews with no job offer in hand?
  • Do you want to know what employers and recruiters are looking for before you apply or go on that interview?

Connie Thanasoulis-Cerrachio and Caroline Ceniza-Levine co-founded SixFigureStart® after hiring thousands of people for start-ups through Fortune 500 companies in financial services, management consulting, media, pharmaceuticals/ biotech and technology. We have developed a six-step job search process based on how the hiring process really works and what employers really want:

  • Identify your targets
  • Create a marketing campaign
  • Research companies and industries
  • Network and interview
  • Stay motivated and organized
  • Negotiate and close the offer

For the ULTIMATE in customized advice and support, we offer private, 1:1 coaching for what YOU need, whether it’s to:

  • Get clarity on companies, industries, and jobs to target
  • Refine your resume, cover letter, online profile…
  • Do a mock interview and get candid feedback
  • Create and test your elevator pitch
  • Troubleshoot your job search and figure out why you’re stuck
  • Get salary advice and negotiating strategies
  • Figure out a sticky career situation
  • Prepare for a performance review, promotion discussion or raise request
  • Get moving on the career issue that is holding you back from leading the fulfilling and financially rewarding life you deserve

Here are examples of clients that we have worked with:

  • An experienced professional in the media industry looking to define his next step – stay for the next promotion or make a move now?
  • A tech CEO whose company was acquired by a big financial institution – what should his second act be?
  • A sales executive who feels underutilized by her current closely-held private employer – how does she get to a bigger brand with more opportunity?
  • A former journalist who wants to move into PR – how can she change careers?
  • A Vice President at an investment bank who wants out of financial services but doesn’t know what she wants instead – how can she discover her true passion and make it happen?
  • A recent undergraduate with a string of interesting projects and internships looking for her first big break – how does she parlay her part-time experience into a full-time job?
  • A senior executive in Big Pharma who wants to move into a leadership role at a biotech start-up – how can he get the attention of VCs and investors looking for their next CEO?

You will get a new perspective and actionable steps to use immediately from the very first session.  Most clients coach with us for 3-10 sessions over 1-6 months.

How does coaching work?

Sessions are offered by phone or Skype.  Phone sessions can be recorded to an Mp3 so that you have an audio library of the coaching work to refer to again and again.

We offer early morning and evening sessions to accommodate our international clients in different time zones.

All private coaching clients will receive a zip file with proprietary exercises and assessments.

In addition, all private clients receive 3 immediately downloadable coaching libraries included with their sessions:

These coaching audios and videos are only available to our private clients.

Hone your job search skills and strategies with us before you get to your dream employers.

What’s the next step?

Start with our Free Resources page to access free coaching advice via videos, audios or books and articles.  You’ll get to know our coaching approach and ideas, and you’ll get immediate help to start moving towards your career dreams right now!

If you know that customized 1:1 support is for you, register for a 20-minute complimentary consultation to confirm the best private coaching option and coach for you.  After you sign up, you’ll get an email with some questions so we can prepare for your consultation.

We look forward to collaborating on your career success!

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