There is one simple difference between people who find exactly the career they want and those who settle for something less. Those who get what they’re looking for take a 360 degree approach to career growth.

Having a well-written resume is just one piece of the puzzle. SixFigureStart® offers career coaching to help job seekers and career changers grow their network, build their personal brand, improve their negotiation skills and much more.

SixFigureStart® offers success coaching for:

  • Individuals on landing your dream job and advancing in your career
  • Entrepreneurs on starting and growing your business
  • Companies on developing engaged and effective employees
  • Universities on giving students a competitive advantage in campus recruiting

So, what does career coaching look like? Watch Connie and Caroline in action as they coach real-life clients on CBS:

For more information on coaching with Connie and/or Caroline, please contact us or click for more info.



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