Career Change Resources

If you are looking to change careers, or just get started in your first career, check out the important resources below:

Jump Ship: 10 Steps to Starting a New Career

Jump Ship book cover

Published by Forbes Media, this is the book you need to read if you’ve ever wanted to change your career but didn’t know if it was feasible—or where to start.  This book provides the 10-step process to get you moving.

Available exclusively on Amazon.


Networking for Career Change

networking tips for career changeNetworking is essential for any job search, and is particularly important when looking to change your career.  This blog post on networking for career change will tell you what you need to know and the pitfalls to look out for.

In Jump Ship, the relevant steps are step 8, which is networking, and step 9, which is interviewing.



 Stretch Outside your Comfort Zone

big ideas and possibilityCareer change is not easy, and using the networking tips above might be very uncomfortable.  Stretching can result in much positive personal growth, and the fear that comes along with it could be enough to discourage you from trying. This post on managing fear when you stretch outside your comfort zone will share practical techniques on starting, coping and moving forward.



Convincing Employers to Give you a Chance

salary negotiationMaybe you are already on the road to career change, but not able to get past the first interview with prospective employers because your history is in a different industry.  This response to a reader question focuses on how to show employers that you are worth the investment, with tips on how to demonstrate your qualifications, fit, and value over the risk they feel they will be taking on.  Employers always encounter risk when they hire – make sure they want to take their chance on you.