Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage and Dirty Dishes

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Using Economics to Master Love, Marriage and Dirty Dishes is the subtitle for Spousonomics, a new book by Wall Street Journal editor Paula Szuchman and New York Times  reporter Jenny Anderson.  If you love economics and want to read its application to marriage, this book does not disappoint.  Some chapters include:

Loss Aversion:  Or, The Upside of Going to Bed Angry

Supply and Dmand:  Or, How To Have More Sex

Moral Hazard:  Or, The Too Big to Fail Marriage

Game Theory:  Or, How Strategizing Like Khrushchev and Manipulating Like Kennedy Can Make for a Blissful Marriage

You can see from the above that the chapter titles alone are very entertaining.  In addition, each chapter includes real-life examples, candidly shared, to illustrate each point.  Another fun aspect of most chapters are sidebars on key economic figures, (e.g., Adam Smith), complete with interesting facts (which leading economics thinker was a ladies’ man? Bisexual?).

I love all things business (totally loved The World Is Flat, Freakonomics, etc) so this genre is right up my alley.  It’s very clever how Szuchman and Anderson weave in the economics plus music.  If you aren’t a business book junkie, however, this book might be too odd or at least too specialized.

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