Book Review: Roadmap To Revenue by Kristin Zhivago

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A stern warning: Roadmap To Revenue by Krstin Zhivago is a very worthwhile book to read but it’s dense. I have to confess that I almost gave up in the first few chapters because the start is very dry. In this way, it reminded me a lot of Blue Ocean Strategy, which was also a pain to read but had a big payoff in the end.

The first few chapters are about interviewing customers. This is very helpful to business owners to think about their own customer service and how customer-focused it really is. If you can get through the lists and lists of questions, the pace picks up considerably. I LOVED the section on low, medium, and high scrutiny products.  I also loved the recommendations on SEO and other web marketing — again Zhivago is great about getting the business owner to think like the customer.

I highly recommend the book for its content. The content is original, very important to a business, and thorough. Just be prepared to read this in a quiet place where you can focus!

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