Book Review: Escape From Cubicle Nation by Pam Slim

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“Escape From Cubicle Nation” by Pam Slim is a good mix of inspiring and practical strategies for people considering the transition from employee to entrepreneur.  If you are on the fence, the opening of the book is a good summary of the pros and cons.  I particularly liked how Slim doesn’t push entrepreneurship or any one particular path.

The practical info Slim shares (how to test ideas, how to pick the right legal entity for your business) includes a good basic overview but if you are serious about launching or have launched a business you will need further resources each step of the way.  Also, while I liked how Slim called out so-called business coaches who encourage entrepreneurship but may not give a realistic picture of the financial and emotional sacrifices, I was hoping this book documented more specifics on these.  Fo example, Slim chides Internet marketers who hawk overnight success products, but how long is a reasonable wait for success?  Slim recommends several months of savings, but does that mean she thinks you can replicate your corporate income in a business after several months?  That seemed aggressive to me, while the rest of her advice was straightforward and conservative, so this issue was one major place that left me hanging.

Still, “Escape From Cubicle Nation” is a motivational read with good foundational basics.  I wanted more but only because what was shared was good, solid stuff.

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