Interview With Confidence, Part 2: Five Areas You DO Want To Cover In A Job Interview

In a recent Forbes post. I reflected on a recent job interview gone wrong to come up with 5 things not to say in a job interview. But, in fact, there’s plenty to prepare if you just focus on what you do want to say. Many job seekers (and entrepreneurs in a sales meeting) make the mistake of waiting for the interviewer to set the agenda. You do want to take the interviewer’s lead in terms of tone, and you do want to answer the specific questions you are asked. But you should come prepared with the key message points you want to convey in the interview and weave these in, regardless of how long (or short) the interview turns out to be and regardless of what the interviewer happens to ask. Here are five areas you definitely want to cover in your next job interview (and for entrepreneurs, your next sales meeting): (more…)[Read more…]

How To Compete With More Experienced Job Seekers When You Are Changing Careers

I recently hosted a Twitter chat on changing careers for Forbes. The very first question I fielded is something I get asked about a lot – how to compete with more traditional, experienced candidates. .[Read more…]

What Life Changes Do You Need To Make? 10 Soul-Searching Questions To Ask

There is no magic bullet…. However, the first step that I advise often takes people by surprise: to be successful in your career change, start by changing everything else first. – Caroline Ceniza-Levine
In a recent Forbes post. I wrote about how life changes are the surprising first step to successful career change. Most of the questions I get about career change revolve around job search tactics -- how do I tweak my resume? How do I introduce myself? How do I interview more competitively against those with direct experience? Yes, it’s true that you’ll need to be effective in your job search to launch a new career (and job search for a career change is different than for those who are staying in the same career!). But first and foremost, your life has to be in order because you’ll need a strong foundation to support the disruption a career change brings. To this end, here are 10 soul-searching questions to ask yourself to help identify where in your life, not just career, you need to prioritize changes: (more…)[Read more…]

A Wake-Up Call For Your Career, Part 2: Five More Introspective Questions

Are you proactively managing your career or simply accepting what comes? – Caroline Ceniza-Levine
I asked this question in a recent Forbes post. I covered how the increasing employee turnover is a wake-up call for your career and shared five questions to check your career health. You shouldn’t wait for a trigger event before you examine how strong your professional foundation is. You also need to probe more deeply than what five questions can cover. Here are five more introspective questions to act as a wake-up call for your career: How effective is your leadership? In Part 1, I prompted you to look at the effectiveness of your team, but how effective are you? Do you communicate clearly? Do people enthusiastically follow you? Can you influence when you don’t have direct authority? When was the last time you delegated or coached someone on a task, and what were the results? (more…)[Read more…]

Why ‘Showing Up’ Is Critical To Career Success – Blog Talk Radio Interview With Career Coach Liz Colodny

In this episode of the SixFigureStart Career Advice Radio Show, I interview former recruiter turned career coach Liz Colodny, formerly hiring for Citigroup and Frito Lay and now coaching MBA students (Cornell, NYU, Fordham) through executives. Liz talks about why "showing up" with a positive energy is critical to career success -- in interviews, meetings, day-to-day work, and more:
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Made A Bad Career Move? Five Moves To Help You Recover

The idea for Skimlinks came from the previous business I started, Skimbit.…It failed, but through that process we invented a means of monetizing our site that I realised was the most innovative and exceptional aspect of what I’d built….I pivoted quickly, dumped Skimbit, and launched Skimlinks. – Alicia Navarro, CEO and Co-Founder of
I interviewed Alicia Navarro on her career pivot, which has ultimately resulted in an 85-person, $625 MM firm. While we covered a range of issues, I was especially struck by her recovery from an initial business failure. She built another company over two years but was willing to set it aside for Skimlinks, something else, something better. (more…)[Read more…]

Mental Toughness For Job Seekers – Blog Talk Radio Interview With Peak Performance Expert Renita Kalhorn

In this episode of the SixFigureStart Career Advice Radio Show, I interview peak performance expert Renita Kalhorn (coach to Navy SEAL candidates!) about mental toughness for job seekers. We talk about how job seekers can perform at their best in high-stakes, high-anxiety situations like job interviews:
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