Thomas N. Vail on Overcoming Obstacles

Real difficulties can be overcome, it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable - Thomas N. Vail
overcoming obstaclesAre you being conquered by worries that haven’t been realized yet? Can you recall worries from the past? Did anything of them ever happen? What if you divided your worry time in half and spent one half worrying (because habits aren’t changed overnight) and one half working on one small step?[Read more…]

Seven Steps To Writing Cover Letters Quickly And Effectively

Now that the job market is heating up, you may be tempted to start looking around and gauging your market value. Then the thought of having to send out your information, complete with an introductory cover letter, dampens the excitement. The best cover letters are tailored to the job that you want, so it seems like a daunting investment of time and effort to customize each application. However, the tailoring can occur at the margins (e.g., quoting words out of the job description, mentioning something specific about the target company). Most of the letter can be written in advance as a template that works for a variety of roles. Here is a seven-step process to build a cover letter template one time that you can then tweak and use for multiple efforts: .[Read more…]

John Lubbock on Seeing Clearly

What we see depends mainly on what we look for -- John Lubbock
What are you seeing lately? Growth, opportunity, success? Challenges, difficulties, obstacles? What if you looked for something else? In what areas of your life would you like to change your perspective?[Read more…]

How To Take Advantage Of The Best Job Market In Years

The 2015 Regional Hiring Outlook, a report and survey by recruiting firm The Execu|Search Group, shows a much improved job market, where employees may finally have the upper hand. If you’re looking for a job, it’s helpful to know what employers are focusing on so you can target your job search activity to meet their needs. .[Read more…]

Three Career Change Strategies Shared — Turn The Page Radio Show

I was excited to guest on the Turn The Page Radio Show with Hemda Mizrahi:Jump Ship: career change strategies During the show, we talked about three strategies you can use if you're looking to change careers. Specifically we covered: Improving the rest of your life (relationships, money, even your current job) to give you a better foundation for your next career; Trying a career change "light" -- i.e., not changing everything about what you do at the exact same time; and Embodying the new career and becoming an insider even before you make an official move.[Read more…]

Jane Addams on Giving Up Too Soon

giving up too soon
Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon, and left one unexpended effort that might have saved the world - Jane Addams
Some people are held back by fear – fear of failure, fear of success. Addams points out fear can propel us forward: we might instead fear not doing enough, not making a valuable contribution. This Addams quote also calls on each of us to save the world. Our contribution might be the tipping point. We MUST continue sharing our gifts. Where are you holding back? giving up too soon For what dream can you expend an additional push, more inspired effort? How would you act if you knew your efforts might save the world?[Read more…]

You Didn’t Get Promoted, Now What

Promotions are often announced at the start of the year, and sure enough at some of my client companies I have started receiving the lists of new additions to executive management. If you expected to make that list but didn’t, here are 5 steps to take to maximize your chances for next time: .[Read more…]
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