How to Write a Resume with an AI Assistant

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AI is making its mark on the HR field, and now it's influencing how to write a resume! This guest post is from Aaron Yin, founder of Resure Technology, the company that created Glever  which helps people write resumes with AI technology: The hiring industry is continually evolving. If we compare the scenarios of the past to [...]

Executive Presence Checklist: Ten Factors That Recruiters Assess

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At a workshop I led on interviewing for executives, one participant asked about what “executive presence” actually means. Is there a checklist of factors that recruiters use to evaluate this? Do you need to be particularly clever, witty or humorous in your communication? What can a job seeker do to ensure they are seen as [...]

Unhappy With Your Salary Increase? Ten Actions To Take If Your Company Pays Out No Or Low Raises

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At a workshop for experienced professionals, one attendee lamented that performance didn’t matter since his company does not give a salary increase except at promotions, and promotions were granted mostly based on tenure. Why work so hard then? Would the better move be to do the minimum? Should he just leave for another company? Here [...]

How To Build A Successful Career In A Future Without Jobs

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Whether you blame robots, artificial intelligence, or automation more broadly, the proactive professional needs to plan for a successful career in a future without jobs. It is not enough to know how to navigate a company hierarchy because that company may completely restructure. It is not enough to understand how to find another job because [...]