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Career marketing/ personal branding is the theme of the latest episode of the SixFigureStart Career Coaching radio show on Blog Talk Radio. I answer questions from a recent workshop with mid- to senior-level executives organized by Eruditus and Columbia Business School:

  1. If you are looking to return to the previous company, are there any specific things that should be different on the cover letter and resume?
  2. If cover story has the story, then what do we write in the body of an email.. or is it that the email body takes the place of cover letter…
  3. When drafting a resume – how many bullet point max one should have under each job, and is it true that it is best to always start with an actionable “verb”?
  4. If LinkedIn shows the company or institute logo, does it also makes sense to use logos in the Resume
  5. Is it wise to go from senior mgt in SME t middle management job in MNC/Biig corporate?

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