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November 5, 2014, 6:30p-8:30p  High-Stakes Performance: Getting It Done When It Counts – open to the public
Presenting to the board or making a pitch to investors. Closing a deal. Negotiating your next promotion or share of the bonus pool. There are no do-overs, the stakes are high and the audience may or may not be receptive.
Though it’s natural to be nervous, if you don’t manage your thoughts and emotions, they will probably derail your performance.
This workshop will cover four key areas to help you master your inner game:
1. practice under pressure – how to focus your practice
2. game-day preparation – how to tame your inner critic
3. performance in the moment – how to master your emotions and handle physical symptoms such as sweaty palms or shaking knees
4. recovery from missteps – how to get back on track quickly when your mind goes blank or something goes “wrong”

You’ll learn practical, science-based strategies and techniques – the same ones used by Olympic athletes, Broadway actors and top performers in every arena. Bring your questions. In this highly interactive session, you’ll have an opportunity to receive laser coaching on your particular situation. First 6 registrants will get extra coaching time during the workshop! REGISTER HERE  Co-presented by Caroline Ceniza-Levine and Renita Kalhorn, mental toughness coach and founder of Step Up Your Game Now.

October 7, 2014  College-100/ Ask Anything Teleseminar

October 9, 2014  Barnard College/ Negotiating What You’re Worth

October 25, 2014  Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs/ Professional Development

November 6, 2014  Columbia University Center For Career Education/ Ace The Interview

November 7, 2014   7 Steps To Successful Negotiations - open to the public

Our BlogTalkRadio career coaching show continues in 2014 with an episode last Friday of the month. We answer your questions on job search, career advancement, work/life success, and entrepreneurship. Next show is a morning show: Friday, October 24, 7am ET.


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